Friday, July 21, 2006

SHF: Ice Ice Baby

This month, Sugar High Friday is hosted by The Delicious Life and, because it's summer, the theme is sweet, icy things.

All well and good if you have an ice cream maker no doubt. But that's one kitchen contraption I don't have and I really lack the patience to dig a container out of the freezer every half hour and rough up desserts as they freeze. That's just crazy!

I have, in the past, made a very good frozen dessert from Stephanie Alexander's The Cook's Companion. What was great about this dessert was that it was based on egg whites AND you just straight out froze the mixture. No churning or ice cream making equipment required. Anyway, I don't have a copy of this book to hand, but, as luck would have it, Australian Gourmet Traveller (the same June 2006 edition which is getting a bit of a thrashing) had a recipe for stracciatella semifreddo. Egg whites left over (they freeze excellently) from the clafoutis this was definitely the way forward!

I made half the mixture given in the original recipe, with a few tweaks along they way ...

Whisk 3 egg whites to soft peaks then beat in 45 g of caster sugar until mixture is thick and glossy with firm peaks. Beat in 50 g of honey (I had no honey so I used a good tablespoon of golden syrup - it worked out just fine). Fold in 200 g mascarpone, followed by 50 g ricotta mixed with 1 tbsp of milk. I found it quite tough to fold in the cheeses, so next time I think I'll beat the ricotta, mascarpone and milk together to form something a bit lighter and more fold-able. When well combined, finally fold in 25g of coarsely grated dark chocolate.

Pour the mixture into a baking paper lined 1L container, pop on the lid and freeze overnight.

When you're almost ready to serve, leave it in the fridge to soften for a bit and then slice, serve and eat!

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