Friday, May 05, 2006

Sunshine at last!

Thurs 4 May 2006

Some lovely weather has arrived! It's not supposed to last long but that just means you have to pack a little bit more in ... especially when it comes to investigating outdoor drinking in Leeds.

Last night the heady celebrations of summer's onset commenced at the Courtyard (and, indeed, in the courtyard) on Cookridge Street. Outdoors was predictably busy which gave the whole experience a very summery feel - a bit of sunshine and instantly everyone starts smiling! It's a given there was never going to be any bitter on offer, so I settled for a pint of Staropramen. I didn't actually venture to the bar but Andy's trip took so long I thought the bar staff must have been picking the hops themselves!

The beer wasn't great either, and we decided that the Courtyard must have been ill equipped to deal with the sudden customer-rush caused by the warm weather ... at least, we hope that's the case ...

Eventually it was time for a real beer so we moved on to Whitelocks, in Turks Head Yard, just off Briggate. Though not a large pub they do have loads of outdoor space, and we were able to enjoy some interesting beers and the warm weather. As far as real beers go (I'm ignoring the Guiness and the Kronenbourg!), both the Theakston's Mild and the Wentworth Mild were sampled. The Wentworth was very blonde for a mild, and really a lot more like an ale ... and I am a bit confused as the Wentworth website doesn't even list a mild! Anyway, despite being owned by S&N, the Theakston's Mild was in good nick and a very pleasant way to (almost) round off the evening.

As it was a school night, drinking rounded off and it was time to find something to eat. In proper British style Andy & I headed for some takeaway curry from Shebab, on Eastgate. We were totally predictable in our selections: I went for the dal makhni, which is made with black lentils and is the best ever! And Andy had the lamb biryani. All absolutely delicious!

The lovely weather means that there should be some more outside beer drinking this evening - I'm looking forward to it! And, in another action packed weekend, tomorrow will see us participating in Mixology Monday - and creating coffee cocktails and using a blogging event as an excuse to have a bit of a drink! Check back on Monday for our mixing misadventures!

1. The Courtyard, 25-37 Cookridge Street, Leeds, LS2 3AG, phone 0113 203 1831
2. Whitelocks, Turks Head Yard, Leeds, LS1 6HB, phone 0113 245 3950
3. Shabab, 2 Eastgate, Leeds, LS2 7JL, phone 0113 246 8988

How get there: Cookridge Street runs along the side of the Henry Moore Institute, just off the Headrow. Turks Head Yard is one of the small streets running off Briggate (Boar Lane end). Eastgate is the continuation of the Headrow ... look for the massive Primark store!
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