Monday, May 08, 2006

Headingley Pubs - Part 3

Sat 06 May 2006

After another excellent pint (or two) at Arcadia on Saturday night it was time to investigate at least one more venue in Headingley.

I received a comment in response to Part 1 that suggested trying Woodies - and this is where I ended up on Saturday night. While there was not a huge range of beers they do offer Tetley's Cask and Staropramen, which keeps both halves of the EatingLeeds team happy. The beers are also very reasonably priced (£5 for two pints and a packet of crisps) - although not down at the silly price level you'll find next door in The Three Horseshoes.

And this is a very interesting point - here we have two very similar pubs, next door to one another ... how do they survive, or even thrive?

The answer to this has to be in the type of crowd the pubs are attracting. The Three Horseshoes had a very young, very studenty crowd in ... Woodies however, had a much more adult clientele. Saturday night is 'Disco Night' at Woodies - 'Groovie Baby' - playing the best of the 70s, 80s and 90s. You have been warned! While I'm perfectly happy to bounce around in my chair to Toni Basil's 'Oh Mickey' it might not be everyone else's cup of tea ... However, it is a very relaxed environment - all about enjoying your Saturday night on your terms.

We figured we were some of the youngest people there, although as the night wore on some student-types did arrive, so if you're young (the right side of about 40) you won't feel entirely out of place (although you might feel as though you're at one of your parents' parties).

As an aside - in other weekend beer drinking news I sampled one of North's specials for May: Wyre Piddle's Piddle in the Hole (no prizes for guessing why I chose it). It comes from Worcestershire and, I regret to say, was one of the nastiest beers I've had for a while. Hopefully I had a duff bottle, but it had a very strong metallic after taste and was just not enjoyable at all.

In blog news - we hope readers like our format changes (more to come), in particular our little gold hungry owls. For those of you not in Leeds, the owl is one of the city's symbols and Millenium Square/Civic Hall is adorned with these chaps. All feedback, constructive or otherwise, always welcomed!

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