Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spice Bar

Wed 05 April 2006

A mid week trip to the theatre (an excellent production of 'A Yorkshire Tragedy' by Icabod Productions, at the Carriageworks) also managed to include a visit to the Spice Bar, just downstairs from the theatre, in the Electric Press.

It's a relatively new addition to Leeds' burgeoning bar scene and I was pretty impressed. It was a Wednesday night and trade was slow, which was perfect for some post theatre discussion.

The single thing which probably everyone will notice about the Spice Bar is that the bottled beer is £1.50. And the bottled beer selection is above average - it includes Peroni, Chang, Tiger, Cobra and both Carlsbergs. Even a hardened bitter drinker like me is more than happy to drink a Peroni every now and then. And the glasses are the nice, stemmed, rounded beer glass type.

In a somewhat sophisticated move the bar doesn't stock the usual array of crisps and nuts - but does have a bar menu including tasty sounding morsels like samosas, kebabs and tikka.

Upstairs is a restaurant too.

Needless to say - I'm already planning on returning to the Spice Bar to try a few more bottled beers and sample some of the bar snacks ... stay tuned!
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