Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sheer bloody exhaustion ...

Fri 3 Mar 2006

Up early for the big house move ... by 3pm I was absolutely starving AND had unpacked a total of five boxes so I figured I was justified in treating myself to some lunch and a sit down. The snow had started up so I wasn't going to be going far ... and I headed to Citrus on North Lane. It's been a long time since I last ate here so it was like going somewhere new ... I decided on an Austrian ham ciabatta, which consisted of the ham, pesto, mozzarella and some sun dried tomatoes. It was actually very nice but I really think that Citrus should get their bread supplies sorted out because the ciabatta was pretty bloody ordinary. Ciabatta is supposed to be chewy, open textured, crusty (ok, some of this depends on the region of Italy) ... not a sort of roll shaped slightly dense white sliced kind of clone ... Actually, I think they should also get their cookie supplies sorted out, as my double chocolate chip cookie was OK but not as good as the ones from M&S! The coffee was up to scratch and the service was cheerful, polite and relatively efficient. For what I paid - I should probably not be so harsh ... though my comment about their bread still stands - better to not offer ciabatta at all ...

More unpacking by which point it was time for some beers ... with the rugby cancelled the bus ride into town took far longer than it would have to walk but eventually I managed to snuggle into a seat at the excellent Baroque, on the Headrow, where I enjoyed a pint (or two) of very good Okell's bitter and some really delicious Convivial Yorkshire Crisps. Unfortunately you buy these crisps in a massive 100g barrel and they are quite pricey ... but definitely a cut above your bog standard ... Finished the night off in the North Bar ... no comment required!
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